Terms of Trade

Summary of Terms of Trade
  • Unless otherwise agreed payment for goods and services shall be made in full on completion of work or pick up of your motorcycle / scooter. 
  • Interest may be charged on amount owing after the due date at the rate of 2.5% per month.
  • Daily storage fee applies ($18/day + GST) from 7 days after  the motorcycle service or mechanical work has been completed and not picked up from the workshop.
  • Carbon Garage reserves our rights to appoint a Debt Collection Agency to recover any unpaid outstanding debts on goods and services supplied to the customers. The customer will be responsible for any collection fee incurred due to the non payment on invoice charged by the Debt Collection Agency.
Terms of Payment
  • Unless otherwise agreed, our invoices shall be due without any deductions as soon as we have provided the repair or mechanical work and issued an invoice.
Cost Estimate
  • Repair costs stated in cost estimates are guidelines only on the basis of the information Customer provides and/or following a brief examination of the Motorcycle or Scooter. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of cost estimates. It is therefore expressly noted, that cost estimates are not given with express warranty for their accuracy. If while repairing the motorcycle it becomes clear that more extensive repair work is necessary, we will inform Customer that we expect the cost estimate to be exceeded and will present a new estimate to Customer. In the case of the motorcycle being in a dangerous condition, we are authorised to complete the necessary repair without Customer confirmation even if the repair costs then exceed the cost estimate.  
  • If on the basis of a cost estimate the Customer decides not to order or continue with the repair work, we are entitled to charge for the cost of preparing the cost estimate and for any repair work performed up to that point.
Motorcycles Recovery and Call Out Fee
  • A standard motorcycle recovery fee of $100 + GST applies for each pick up within 20 km radius of Carbon Garage Central Auckland workshop (see map). Addition costs will be quoted for pick up outside of the 20km radius of Carbon Garage Central Auckland.
  • If a call out is required for a mechanic to turn up at your location to inspect a motorcycle (within 20 km radius of Carbon Garage Central Auckland workshop), a call out fee of $62.50 + GST applies. The call out fee includes up to 20 mins travel time to site and up to 10 minutes on site. Addition time applies on the job per 15 min blocks based on standard workshop hourly rate. Extra labour hourly rate charges apply if we have to leave the site to collect or dispose of materials or parts.
Loan Motorcycles or Scooters
  • Where the work is to be carried out, Carbon Garage may be able to offer a loan motorcycle or scooter to the Customer. This is subject to availability only, and also subject to our Term & Conditions for Loan Motorcycles.
  • Where a Loan motorcycle or scooter is supplied to Customer the Loan motorcycle or scooter may only be driven during the period of hire/loan and is returnable at the demand of Carbon Garage. No persons other than Customer may operate the Loan motorcycle or scooter unless otherwise agreed between Carbon Garage and Customer. Customer and all permitted drivers must hold a valid New Zealand drivers licence and must meet Carbon Garage insurance requirements with respect to their ability and eligibility to drive the Loan motorcycle or scooter. 
  • The Customer must provide a copy of his/her Driver's License, and complete a Release Form.
  • The Customer must sign the Release Form to expressly acknowledges, reads and agrees that the release of the Loan Motorcycle or Scooter and waiver of liability and indemnity agreement.
  • The Loan Motorcycle or Scooter must be returned with full tank of gas on return. Carbon Garage reserves the right to charge for gas.
  • Customer Oligations:
    • (a) acknowledges that they will be liable for any loss or damage to the Loan motorcycle or scooter (including but not limited to any consequential loss and resulting insurance excess) occurring in or as a result of the time the vehicle is hired or loaned by Customer. Should any insurance claim be rejected or held invalid Customer will be liable to Carbon Garage for the full cost of repairing or replacing the Loan motorcycle or scooter(whichever is lesser);
    • (b) must operate the Loan motorcycle or scooter with all reasonable care and skill and must ensure the Loan motorcycle or scooter is stored securely when not in use; 
    • (c) will not alter the Loan motorcycle or scooter in any way during the period of hire/loan;
    • (d) must comply with all maintenance and cleaning instructions supplied by Carbon Garage to Customer from time to time. Carbon Garage reserves the right to charge Customer any actual costs incurred in restoring the Loan motorcycle or scooter to the same standard before it was hired/loaned to Customer (including but not limited to the cost to clean the vehicle); and
    • (e) will be liable for any parking or traffic infringements or related impoundment towage and storage costs. 

Payment of Invoices
  • The invoices can be paid by cash, EFTPOS debit or credit card (VISA credit, VISA debit, MASTERCARD  credit, MASTERCARD debit or UNION PAY cards) in-store over the counter. Payment by credit cards, VISA or Mastercard debit cards or using PAYWAVE may incur an additional 2.5% surcharge. 
  • Customers can choose to pay by bank transfer online using the customer's name and invoice number as reference on the payment. Proof of payment from an electronic bank remittance slip should be emailed to sales@carbon-garage.com. Funds must be cleared before Customer's Motorcycle or Scooter can be released.
  • If you decide to purchase a Motorcycle, Scooter or Vehicle from Carbon Garage, we generally ask you to pay a Purchase Deposit to secure the purchase.
  • A Purchase Deposit is to secure your purchase and it is not refundable. It is your commitment to purchase the Motorcycle, Scooter or Vehicle.
  • A Sale & Purchase Agreement must be signed by the Customer.
  • The balance on the invoice must be paid in full before collecting the Motorcycle, Scooter or Vehicle purchased.
Refund Policy
  • If you have paid for a motorcycle, vehicle, product or service we have provided, no refund will be offered if you have simply changed your mind or circumstances where you have issues with the purchase beyond our control after delivery of the product(s) or after the motorcycle or product items have been picked up from our store.
  • You are covered by the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act  (CGA). Remedies under the Consumer Guarantees Act and other consumer laws may be available for products or services that are supplied to you, but only if we fail to meet our consumer guarantees or promises.

Late Payment Fee
  • Interest may be charged on amount owing after the due date at the rate of 2.5% per month.
  • Most people pay their invoices when it's due. However, when people miss payments the cost for us to chase overdue bills is substantial. To help recover these costs a late payment fee/interest may apply to overdue invoices. This means if your payment is late, Carbon Garage may, at its sole discretion and without prejudice to any other rights or remedies available to it, to charge a late payment fee on your invoice. To avoid late payment fees, the easiest way is to arrange to pay your bill online on time before the due date. We will always send you an invoice on work we have carried out on your motorcycles. Depending on the length of time and size of the job required, we will provide you with a weekly or monthly statement so that you can get on top on your outstanding invoices. Carbon Garage reserve the right to refuse and not provide goods or services if you do not pay your invoice on time. Simple.

No claim relating to Goods and Services will be considered unless made in writing within 7 days.

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